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Qualicum Beach Airport

Please checkout the latest edition of the Canada Flight Supplement (CFS) for the most up-to-date information on Qualicum Beach Airport (CAT4).

The Airport operator, the Town of Qualicum Beach, has a Volunteer Ambassador Program at the airport. Local volunteers spend time at the airport each day welcoming arriving aircraft and providing information and assistance as needed. These are friendly people who can tell you all about the airport and the Oceanside area and give useful advise on just about anything. Please say “hello” to these friendly ambassadors.

There are no landing fees at Qualicum for private aircraft. There is however, a donation box on the main apron near the entrance to the terminal building. This is strictly voluntary and all money will be used to offset airport operating expenses and make airport improvements.

If staying overnight, visiting aircraft parking is at the designated tie-downs in the grass area between taxiways Alpha and Echo, off Charlie. Overnight tie-down fees can be left in the donations box. Jet A and 100LL fuel is available on the field - self-serve and payment by credit card.

All pilots, whether visiting or tenants, are strongly urged to follow the noise abatement procedures published in the CFS. Remember, respectful airmen make good neighbours! There are no aircraft movements or engine running between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., except by permission from the operator or in an emergency.

Visit the businesses who call CAT4 home. They are:

KD Airlines Orca Airways Ltd.
Qualicum Flight Centre Sunwest Helicopters
Qualicum Beach Aero Centre Ascent Helicopters
ZFF Engines Limited Airspan Helicopters
The Final Approach Restaurant - Great food and hospitality!

You are always welcome at these friendly businesses!

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